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"Talk about what you love and keep quiet about what you don't."

Josh Radnor 
(U.S. Actor)

Upcoming LIVE Events 2024 - Hear me Speak

September 2024

19th September 2024 
Hosting " #SocialProcurement - Part 2" in Hamburg

Host and Moderator


Past LIVE Events - 2024

09. JULY 2024

Procurement of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Event Chair and Moderation

Talks and and Panel Discussion, e.g.

  • Integrated Intelligence: AI is more than Automation
  • Global Sourcing with AI
  • Legal implications
  • Efficient purchasing with ChatGPT


Panel Discussion



14. JUNE 2024

Waterkant Festival 2024 in Kiel


Session Moderation Robot Stage:

  • Early Stage Start-ups
  • VC funding
  • Immersive Arts





14.-15. May 2024

eLösungstage 2024 in Düsseldorf

Chair of Opening Session &

Moderation Solution Panels

Opening Session Moderations: Key Notes, Panel Discussion, Future Events, 8 Solution Provider

Opening Session


Solution Panel

01. February 2024

ChatGPT in Purchasing, Hamburg

Host and Moderator

Using ChatGPT for negotiations, sourcing and supporting activities like Procurement Governance Handbooks (ISO)

Togehter with Frank Sundermann


Frank Sundermann performing live

25. January 2024

NORTEC Procurement Summit, Hamburg


Procurement Summit with 4 presentations around sustainable and worthy purchasing: Trends, Sustainability Strategy, AI and Inclusion.

Opening Talk

Group of Presenters

Train ride to Hamburg

Past LIVE Events - 2023

16. JUNE 2023

Waterkant Festival 2023 in Kiel


Session Moderation:

  • Virtual Reallity Movies (Felix Gaedke)
  • Data driven Venture Capital (Tanja Jänicke)
  • Future of Food Pitch Session (u.a. REWE, Lillet Bräu, Mudita, Caesekrake, ...)

You Destroy. We Create [Felix Gaedke] 
Forest Stage

How to be found by data-driven VCs [Tanja Jänicke from Morphais] Robot Stage

WINNER Germany "Caesekrake": Future of Food Pitch Session (Jury by REWE North, REWE South, REWE Digital) Stage 2

08. JUNE 2023

#SocialProcurement in Hamburg

Host and Moderator

Social Procurement via LinkedInd or other social media platforms with Kathrin Kubisch (Vibracoustic)

Togehter with Klaus Stölken and Kathrin Kubisch


Kathrin Kubisch performing live

23.-24. May 2023

eLösungstage 2023 in Düsseldorf

Chair of Opening Session

Opening Session Moderations: Key Notes, Panel Discussion, Future Events

Opening Session - 600 guests



Past LIVE Events - 2022

30. JUNE 2022

Moderation on "Rethink! Smart Manufacturing D/A/CH" in Berlin

Challenge your Peers

Interactive work sessions on change management.

17. JUNE 2022

Waterkant Festival 2022 in Kiel


Session Moderations: Digital Arts and NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) and transparent supply chain in the grocery industry via Blockchain and IIoT. 

Makers Cube - Stage One

Digital Arts (Franziska Ostermann) and NFT (Anna Graf from MISA) 

Transparent Supply Chains with Blockchain & IIoT

14. JUNE 2022

IDC - Future of Operations 2022 (EUROPE)

IDC Advisory Board Panel

The new next in Operations: Smart Factories, Data Cloud Networks, Edge Computing, Sustainability, Enabeling the Workforce

TechCheck - Camera and Mic work :)

IDC Advisory Board 2022

Panel Talk "Live-on-Air"

31. MAY / 01. JUNE 2022 

Moderation on BME "eLösungstagen" in Düsseldorf

Panels and Solution Sessions

First time at Areal Böhler in Düsseldorf.

Arrival at event location

Interviewed by Tobias Anslinger (BME)

KI and VR

26. APRIL 2022 

Key Note at "Disrupting Procurement"

"Crises, carbon footprint and AI technologies - economic and political effects on sourcing strategies and process design in procurement"

(Original talk in German: "Krisen, Carbon Footprint und AI Technologies – wirtschaftliche und politische Auswirkungen auf Sourcing-Strategien und Prozess-Design im Einkauf")

Disruptive Innovations destroy existing business models, production and administration processes. For the inventor, they offer an opportunity to fashion invaluable benefits for the future.

My Key Note gave an insight into disruptive trends and events for procurement and logistics. Traditional companies have to position themselves with both hands (ambidexterity) in order to be able to face current and future challenges. 

An Ambidextrous organization (two-handed) should be recognized and promoted by all management levels in the company. The employee profiles will change significantly as a result.

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